Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Siegal has Landed

Music to my ears….
Seven songs in and Ian Siegal announces – ‘Oh yeah – it’s a kind of rule we have – you only take photos during the first three songs – so I’ve played six or seven – you’ve had your chance – put your phones away and just enjoy the gig!’

Has he read my last blog! Of course not but there are musicians out there who get that a concert is an event, to be enjoyed in the moment not later through photos, so don't spent their time posing instead they spend their time performing! 

Its music to my ears – he carries on with the tirade – ‘and if you use a flash – I’ll know you’re not a professional! – So just put it away’

Before the chorus of the eighth song Siegal spots an offender, wanders from his mic to stage left, stops playing, and wags a finger at the phone pointing at him. Back to the mic and the phone is still raised Siegal stares straight down the lens as he sings the chorus, there is a flash, without flinching and still staring down the iPhone he finishes the chorus with the, simple but effective, ’arse’ - the crowd respond with cheers at least most of this audience get the concept!

Too young to be that talented…
And why wouldn’t you tonight – this is a master class in live performance.  This is the first time I’ve seen Ian Siegal with a band – I’ve seen him a couple of times before – once solo in a tiny venue and once with Jimbo Mathias and both times acoustic. 

He is a consummate performer with the ability to communicate with any audience and not just through his music no matter what kind of gig or venue – an ability too many performers ignore. 

The communication starts with the sheer depth of passion for the music, his self-taught badass blues guitar and that voice (a voice for which blues was invented) and continues as he effortlessly chats between songs telling stories or berating the audience for talking!

Tonight is no different as he and his band blast through the first three songs you are sucked in and you know you are part of something very special, the description of which will grace many whiskey-soaked conversations in years to come. 

His new band mates are quite simply too young to be that talented – we are treated to 2 hours of a fabulously tight band and breath-taking guitar playing from Dusty Ciggaar (real name!) – we know we have seen a guitar great and the best blues Europe has to offer.

And I didn’t have to queue for the loo…
With the mention of Europe I’m briefly taken back to Shepherds Bush last week – but the performances are chalk and cheese, conference and premiership, boys and men – to be honest there is no comparison – tonight was a gig of power, passion, virtuoso performance and delicately crafted songs, and last week wasn’t.

After the encore and before the trip home time to answer the call of nature, this week there is no queue, and the urinal utterance is simple – ‘damn fine gig’ - and we all, while still looking straight ahead, nod in agreement - afterall even a gig this good isn't going to allow for a break in urinal etiquette!!!

(All photos taken during the first three songs - Honest)

Gig: 3 of 50
Date of Gig: Sat 28th March 2015

Jazz Cafe Camden

Niall Kelly
Ian Siegal Band

Running total of artists seen 6

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